September 09, 2013


Well, it's been a while. I never thought that I will take so much time to get back to my blog routine after our two weeks awesome Europe trip. I have been lurking through my favourite blogs to keep myself inspired while travelling and taking pictures, and I feel it helped me a lot in making better frames and compositions. Does that work for you !?

Paris was top in my wish list and I still can't believe that I had been to Paris. :)
This post goes for the magnificent Eiffel Tower, which was named after the engineer whose company designed and built it. It's a half day excursion if someone wishes to go to the top. It's worth standing in those very much expected long queues to get the ticket as it offers such amazingly beautiful views of the city and Seine River

Few shots of the tower on a cloudy day~

Hope you are also making sweet memories somewhere, in some part of the world. Have a lovely week ahead.


  1. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Absolutely stunning, especially in black and white like that. My husband went to Europe and saw the Eiffel Tower back in high school. He tells me all about that whole section of the world and I have yet to, but yearn to visit the wonders over there.

  2. hey i just posted abut the Eiffel tower, me and hubs went this first time. it made me cry! I love it! Paris whooooosh it's glorious xxxx