January 14, 2013


As I continue chasing light~

and some shadow forms from iPhone~

Some of you may notice that I have switched to this simple blog-template which I find more user friendly and interactive. I am still working on it, and altering the way it looks. Do let me know how do you find this change.


  1. Preeti, I like the "simple" template. I guess I'm used to going to someone's blog and seeing a photo with accompanying text. I visit to see images and read thoughts, so the simpler the better. I recently looked at the "dynamic" template and though it is different and one can switch views, to me it's frustrating when I go to that template layout on someone's blog.

    1. Marilyn, Thanks for sharing your views. I agree with you, the experience of seeing images and accompanying text is totally different in simple template. The dynamic template leaves the reader with the (unnecessary) option of juggling between views while simple template connects each post with rest of blog and blogger.
      I am happy to leave the "dynamic" back ! :)
      Have a nice day.