November 10, 2012


We love potatoes, and who doesn't ? It's one of the most common content of our vegetable basket, which saves us a trip to grocery on one of those lazy weekends. :) 

I want to share this simple yet amazing potato recipe which i found while wandering in Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's website few months back. It's one of our favourites since then and an appetiser this weekend. :)

Kumpir is another favourite of ours, which we tried in Istanbul. Baked potato stuffed with various fillings, it is one of the most popular street food in Turkey, a must try apart from Turkish Delight. :)

I found Kumpir recipe here, would love to give it a try at home. But i doubt if i will be able to achieve the essence of street food ! :)

What's your favourite potato recipe ?


  1. Cuban potatoes looks yummy.i will try it today..

    1. Thanks. I hope it worked for you. :)