October 23, 2012


It was a weekend full of cakes, gifts and wishes for A. He enjoyed blowing candles and listening to the birthday tunes as much as opening the gifts. 

We had an awesome lunch party at Caesars with our friends and colleagues (met some of the them after almost 10 years :)) and a small celebration at A's play school with his little buddies. And how can I resist myself from decorating home for my darling's birthday. I spent an afternoon making colorful fliers and A helped me hanging them. ;)

Our wonderful friend Jai clicked and saved some beautiful moments for us while we were busy socialising.

A big thanks to our friends for all the love and wonderful wishes ! :)


  1. good collection preeti ! Would have loved A's face also in the frame of the initial cake pics..Gives an incomplete feel .especially the standing one..rest all wonderful as usual..

    1. Jai, Thanks for writing. I aimed at highlighting cakes, candles and events, So covering A's face in the first picture and not in the rest was deliberate. :)

  2. fantastic pictures.....yummy cakes, nice decoration and joyeous A :)
    to me, first is best among all!

  3. Different styles of cakes, amazing birthday gifts, nice venue of celebration, and good representation by you makes a perfect birthday of Great 'A'. Keep rocking :)